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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Seems that Vegas want me to leave the city

This last day was the worst of my whole trip. It had ups and downs but the downs were horrible. It started with the 10am tournament at Planet Hollywood. Somebody loved to call my raise because she had a good feeling with here 57o. Flop came 5-7-x all spades, she bet and I went all-in with my spade nut-flush. She called and got rewarded with another 5 for a Full House.

Took a break and visited the Red Rock Casino in Summerlin. Real nice place. Reminds me somewhat of the Green Valley Ranch ... just a little more modern. Ran $80 into $180 at the BJ table and were happy not to go to the ATM again to buy-in for the 7pm tournament at Caesars. Unfortunately this wasn't meant to be either and I went out quite early there.

As I headed to the exit they announced a $65 Sit-and-Go. Unfortunately I had only 50 left in my pocket. So I went to the next BJ table and decided to either lose $40 or run them into $65. It worked and when I came back there was still a seat available. Made 2nd place there for $160 ... so I got my $40 back and had exactly $120 for the 11pm tournament.

That one lasted only one hand(!). Flopped two pair with KQ on a dangerous flop of K-Q-T with two hearts. Bet three quarter of the pot and got re-raised to double my bet. With three way action I had at least to see the turn here. Turn was a perfect Queen of hearts for a Full House Queens over Kings. Turn was checked around. River was meaningless. Went all-in and hoped that somebody had hit either his straight or flush. One caller ... who showed KK for a Full House Kings over Queens.

15 more hours till my flight back. Seems that Vegas want's to make sure that I don't miss that flight!


Renee 12:05 PM  

Vegas still has love for you, it just likes to throw it's players around a bit :) Too bad about your raise getting called or you might have had it!

Shadow 12:08 AM  

I know and I will always love Vegas ;-))

Seems the city heard what I said and keeps me here a little longer . Flight is delayed 3 hours.

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