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Thursday, June 05, 2008

WSOP Event #9 (six-handed) ... got busted after 80 minutes

Although I enjoyed every minute it lasted this wasn't like it was planned. The tournament was filled to capacity of 1,236 players and I didn't know any of the other players at my table.

Quite early I got a split pot hitting a 6 with A6 but shortly after a huge pot happend: I was dealt AK, one limper in front. I raised and he called. Flop comes AKJ and he bets half the pot. I re-raise 3x his bet and he goes into the tank. That was quite interesting. Would he have called or pushed immediately I would have been faced with a tough decision (straight or set). But due to the long time he took for his decision I was sure being ahead (he didn't look like a good Hollywood actor).

He finally pushed all-in. Although I hated to call (as I would have been one of the very first out) there was no way I lay this down. Another split pot as he had pushed with AK.

From there I maintained my stack during the first level but had to lay down TT twice versus bad flops.

As the second level started with 50/100 I had about 2,700 chips. Got some playable hands but not much to continue on the flop. Then I got re-raised from the guy to my left 2x in the row. First time I layed down QJ second time I called KQ but had to lay it down on the flop again.

A little later I got dealt 44 in LP (now with 1,500 chips left). Raiser before me (this guy had re-raised with K9o before). I called and the guy to my left re-raised to 1,200 again. The original raiser folded and I decided for a call. This smelled so much like a move or at least a coinflip (which I would take anyway in that short-stack situation).

Unfortunately he had a Hand with KK. Flop comes 3-4-5 for a set. Turn is a 2 for a possible splitpot and the River is one of the two remaining Kings. So I'm out in 1,056th position of 1,236 players after 80 min.

I doesn't help much to ease the pain but I lasted at least longer than: Antonio Esfandiari, Hoyt Corkins, Sorel Mizzi, Andy Black, Jeff Lisandro, Erick Lindgren, Joe Sebok, Arnold Spee and others.


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