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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Monday, June 09, 2008

KK, AA and Quads

Had a nice and relaxing day. Went shopping and enjoyed myself. Little did I know that tonights tournament would be really short.

I had a good start taking down some pots and getting my stack up to 6,000 (from 5K starting stack). Shortly before the end of level one I got dealt KK in EP. Raised it, a caller and a re-raise. As the re-raise came from late position it could be aces or any high pocket pair (even AK). So I called and the third player called too. That way we created a huge pot of almost 3,500.

Flop came 7-7-9, not to bad for a pair of Kings. Unfortunately I was first to act. Checking? In that case I could have thrown my Kings right away as somebody would bet and I wouldn't know how good my hand is. So I raised to 2,100 to shut out possible flush- or straightdraws. I expected the MP player to fold so I could focus on the re-raiser. But instead of folding this guy went all-in. Huh? Even worse, the re-raiser decided for a call. I knew I was beat. At least somebody had Aces here.

But, if I call the all-in (and risk my tournament life) there is 15k in the pot and it costs me only about 2,000 to call. With blinds increasing to 50/100 in just minutes a slim chance to win 15k was the nicer alternative to sitting on a 2k shortstack. So I decided for a call. Of course the re-raiser had Aces. But we both were almost drawing dead as the MP player had flopped quad sevens ... wow! No help, two out and a massive chipleader at that table. Hate to go out that way but this was a well played hand from the winner. These are the hands that make you win tournaments if you hit them.

As the night was quite young I went up the stratosphere tower enjoyed the view and shot some great pictures. Last day tomorrow. Maybe I add a morning or noon tournament at either MGM or Planet Hollywood to my list. But at least it will be a last 7pm at Caesars.


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