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Friday, June 06, 2008

Started working for PocketFives.com

Now that the big day is over it's time to concentrate on the rest of my tournaments. Today and Sunday will be Caesars Mega-Stacks events again. I'm biased about Saturday between Ceasars and the Venetian so far (Venetian upgraded their structure).

But it's also time to give you more details about the new job I mentioned directly before my trip started. I'm very happy that I can tell you that I'm working for PocketFives.com as their German Content Manager since June 1st.

This will be a very exciting project as you may know there is no german content at PocketFives.com so far. So yes, we are starting a brand new thing here basically offering all the good stuff not only in german language but also with localized content. We will be starting soon but an official date can't be posted yet. Stay tuned and check either PocketFives.com or my blog for updates on this project.


Anonymous,  11:34 PM  

how the venetian upgraded the structure? Blindlevel, starting chips?

Shadow 7:57 AM  

More chips ... the $330 now gets you 12,500 (was 7,500 before) and the $550 gets you 15,000 (up from 12,500).


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