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Monday, June 02, 2008

Finally arrived in Vegas

Just a short update as I am very tired and need to go to bed. Long weekend. Drove to Winterthur, Switzerland on Saturday for our dance competition and drove back the same night directly to the airport were my friends dropped me off at 3am in the morning. My flight was sheduled at 6am but when the counter opened at 4am no check-in was possible. Not for me and nobody else. The Lufthansa check-in system was crashed worldwide after a software update. Finally they started to write the baggage slips and boarding cards manually. So I managed to get my flight and arrived in Frankfurt. Had a long wait there to get my boarding pass from Condor. The flight was uneventful, long and boring. But luckily my checked luggage arrived with the same flight. If I hadn't asked at the check-in gate in Frankfurt it would have been left there as they didn't check the manual processed baggage through automatically. Wonder how many people will be without their luggage tonight...

I have a nice rental car - a Doge Cruiser PT. For those who don't know: this is the one that looks like a 50's style retro-car. Always wanted to drive this one. The Hotel room at the Grandview is georgeous (especially as it is cheaper than most standard hotel rooms at the strip). And a 15 min ride by car through the Rio or the strip isn't that long. Here's a little video of my room:

Tonight I went to the Rio for Dinner with a friend and then we watched a little of the action at the Amazon-Room. The second Day 1 of Event #2 was coming to an end. They fell a little short of 4,000 players but still made a new record for the biggest event beside the main-event. We also saw a part of the final table of the $10,000 Pot-Limit World-Championship Event. I really feel sorry for Andy Bloch. After coming second behind Chip Reese in the 50K H.O.R.S.E two years ago he was again runner-up and missed the bracelet.

My first tournament starts at noon (9pm CET) at the Caesars. Will try to update via twitter if possible.


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