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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Finally some money and a flop of a lifetime

Played the Planet Hollywood again but choose the 2pm tournament this time. We had 90 players but I made it only to 28th place and far away from the money. Too bad as I had a good run in this one. Due to severe underbetting of my opponents I was able to take advantage of several draws that materialized. Unfortunately at the end I finally got the worst end of it. Found KK and went all-in with 14,000 chips from UTG (blinds at 1,000/2,000) and got called by AdQc in late position. What a horrible call. What did he expect me to have? Unfortunately he got rewarded with 4 diamonds on the board and I was down to my last 900 chips. Recoverd slightly to about 4,000 chips but went all-in with K9o shortly before the blinds (now 2,000/4,000) reached me again and got called by AK in the big blind. No help and out.

But even if I didn't make money in this tournament I think it was the one were I showed most aggression so far. I felt good about my play and decided for another shot at the 11pm nightly tournament at Caesars ($120 buy-in). [PF=4.15]

While I tried to find a parking slot on the roof of the Caesars parking garage a fireworks was started and this was one of the most beautiful fireworks I've ever seen. It appearently came from the Caesars and took about 15 minutes or so. And I had one of the best spots on top of the parking garage to watch it. I don't know if this was a planned fireworks or happened by fault (4th of July is around the corner) but it was nice to watch.

As expected the tournament got a lot of players due to the fact that todays WSOP event had about 3,300 players (a new record). We had one guy at our table who had his story about this event: He played just one single hand in the tournament when he flopped the nut-flush. All the money went in on the flop but the other guy had flopped a set and improved to quads on the turn. Tough beat for this poor guy!

Talking about hitting flops, this was my dreamflop of the tournament: After I lost a tough hand that I can't completely recall right now I was on life support with my stack but not dead. Finally I found AA in MP and hoped for a raise. I got my raise (which was an all-in) and went all-in over the top to isolate. But the big blind called my all-in. The big blind had QQ while the other guy had KJ or so, The flop came QAA. Wow! While the other guy flopped a full house I flopped the nuts at the same time. This hand was a turning point. I didn't had a real big stack then but big enough for some moves with the right hands.

Finally we were down to 19 players from 209 with 18 getting paid. My stack was around 15,000 with blinds 1,000/2,000 and ante 400 as we drew for the last to tables. About two orbits later the small blind had only 400 left for the antes and I won the hand which brought us into the money and my stack up to 20,000. Two hands later I got QTs one off the button and decided for a steal as the game still was really tight. The small blind called, big blind folded. Not what I wanted to happen. :-( The other guy checked in the dark. I assumed he wanted to show strength and put him on a medium to low pair. Easy decision ... if I hit a flush draw or either Q or T then all my money goes in. Unfortunately I hit my ten. The guy called instantly as he had hit a set of 7's on the flop, Good read, but bad timing on my part. He had me covered and I was out on 18th for a $170 win after 4 hours and 45 minutes.

First prize would have been over $6,000 and I would have loved to step up on the money ladder. But we had to lose another three players for the next prize jump so playing a hand here wasn't a bad idea. Just the outcome was as bad as possible.

But anyway, making the money again after those tough days was a great feeling. Especially as I played a strong competition for most time of the night.


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