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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A hand worth $560

I lasted only an hour in the Caesar's tournament. I had a nice start when I got paid for pocket aces but gave back a good chunck after I ran into a set of 9's. Shortly before the end of the second level my QQ's ran into KK's and I was out on 110th of 124.

Decided to play another $125 satellite at the Rio and it became a marathon as we played for almost two hours. With five players left I was down two my last 500 chips (blinds 200/400) but was able to recover because somebody doubled me up with his 63 against my K6. The next hand I got QQ's and took down another pot. Down to three I was chipleader (but just by a few chips). Unfortunately I couldn't get much of a hand that time. Stuff like 23, 28 and so on isn't even playable in that short-handed situation. So I went from top to last and got QQ's again just in time. I was called by K9 and my pocket pair was good again. The blinds had reached 500/1000 when I found JJ's in the small blind. Went in for 2,800 and the big blind called with 92o. As he had slightly more chips I went out with nothing as a 9 on the flop and a 2 on the turn appeared. They immediatly chopped and everybody except me got $560.

It's somewhat frustrating to lose games that way. But that's poker. And if you don't like bad beats you shouldn't play poker. But in just 9 hours I'm back at the tables. The Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza II is calling. I already signed up and this is a real great structure. (6,000 chips and long blind levels). But the most important thing is now to get back in the right mood. After losing, especially after losing that way, it is easy to start expecting the worst all the time. So I'm trying to get back to my confidence level that I had after the first day here in Vegas


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