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Thursday, June 21, 2007

An interesting interview with Oliver Tse

I recommend to look at this broadcast from IntelliPoker which has an interesting interview with poker agent Oliver Tse somewere in the middle. Oliver may be known so far mostly from his postings at 2+2 were he posts under the name of "olivert". While I find some of his opinions in the 2+2 postings quite controversical I was surprised about his good knowledge about german poker players and the german poker market. Especially the way he compares Katja Thater to Phil Gordon and Michael Keiner to Howard Lederer is very nice.


Emmanuel Adam 12:02 PM  

Ich war auch sehr überrascht von dem Interview. Oliver Tse ist einfach ne lustige Type. Kam im Interview dann allerdings super seriös rüber und man hat gemerkt, dass der Mann richtig was auf dem Kasten hat. Ich habe das Interview übrigens geführt.


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