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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Travelling "High-Roller-Style"

We just arrived in Boston and we had a great flight. But our day started not so good as we slept two hours longer than planned. We still had plenty of time to get to the airport but were in a hurry to manage some other things before.

But finally we made it to the airport on time, checked in and got really dissapointed. Unfortunately they changed our seat assignments (which I made about 2 months ago) and we now had seats in the middle of a 4-seat row. So this looked like a horrible 8 hour flight. The guy in Munich couldn't help us but told us to check with the counter in Frankfurt as soon as we arrive. When we went there and asked about the seat change they told us "No problem, we have already taken care of this ... and you will now fly business class". Wow, that's cool. Obviously it's helpful to have a girlfriend with a lot of frequent traveller miles ;-))

We later found out that all the mess came from a plane change. So we didn't fly with United but with Lufthansa instead. Therefore it wasn't a Boeing but an Airbus A-340. And I can tell you the business-class in the A-340 is wonderful. I have been in business in a 747 before but this is nothing compared to the A-340. On of the best things is that you can convert your seat to an almost full-size bed that is large enough for somebody as tall as me (184 cm).

So we had a very relaxing trip with great food, some good videos and very friendly service. Is there a better way to start a vacation?


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