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Friday, June 08, 2007

Preparing for the WSOP

Less than two weeks till our flight to Boston and just 17 days till Las Vegas. So how do I prepare myself for the WSOP? I watched Ocean's 13 yesterday with my girlfriend (nice story, nice shots of Vegas!) and of course I play poker. I won't be able to play during the 5 days in Boston so I try to play as much as I can now. Bigger bankroll = more fun in Vegas.

For the next days I will play 12 more online tournaments (including some "Race for Bracelet" Events) and the Rookie-Tournament in Wiesbaden.

In the last days I had some bad beats and some cashes online. I missed the final table by one place in Salzburg but overall I'm feeling good with my performance in the last three months. I'm playing much better than I did in the past and my results reflect this improvement.

The german players had already great performances this year at the WSOP. Andreas Krause and Jan von Halle both made a final table. And Katja Thater and Michael Keiner had their first cashes. Others like Sebastian Ruthenberg just arrived and hopefully will continue with more good results.

I made a game plan for myself that looks like this:

On my first day in Vegas I will play the MGM tournament as a warmup as well as the nightly tournament at the Caesars. Next day will be the Aladdin ... sorry, the Planet Hollywood tournament and some WSOP satellites. The third day will be the first big tournament day with the $330 Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza II. So far they had about 300 to 400 participants each tournament. And on the fourth day I play the "Mini-WSOP" at the Binions ($150 No-Limit Hold'em). Also around 300 participants. And hopefully on my last three days I will be able to play WSOP #49 as the highlight of the trip.

And of course I have to mention my staking offer for a last time. Just 46 hours left to get a part of my action. I'm happy that a reader of my blog was the first to take two shares. I will try hard not to dissapoint him and those who may follow!


Tight is Right 9:16 PM  

Give me an update to your 12 online MTTS and I may consider to buy a share of your WSOP Ticket.

Nevertheless I wish you luck for your trip to the Sin City!

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