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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gaining confidence but losing money

After the bustout at the Venetian I took another shot at the Planet Hollywood tournament. I really like the structure and the atmosphere of that tournament. Not that serious like other tournements but still players who try to play decent. The crowd is a mix of young to medium age locals and tourists.

Today I met a nice girl from Hamburg, Germany in the tournament (she was on a vacation with some friends). Unfortunately I took her out of the tournament quite early. Not that I didn't like to get her chips but I would have loved to have her on my table for a little longer as she was a very nice person. But she wasn't the only one I took out of the game. I got some good playable cards and connected with some decent flops. Somewere in the middle of the tournament I was chipleader at our table and was able to pull some nice moves. Two of the best ones were hands were I was able to push people from a hand that would have resulted in a split pot.

Unfortunately I passed on pushing on a hand that turned out to be a big bluff. I was the big blind and my opponent raised from LP. I was holding AJ and due to the blinds and stack sizes my only options were fold or push. He had more chips than me and I assumed his raise was to trap me in a push. So I decided that this wasn't the right time for gambling. He showed J6 after I folded :-(

Made it to the final table but went more and more shortstacked. At the end I called an all-in from a stack that was slightly bigger than mine. My 66 didn't held up against her AT when a ten appeared on the turn. Out on 8th of 43 after 3 hours (6 got paid).

To bad I didn't make money on that but I got back a lot of my confidence which is a good thing for tomorrows tournament at Binions. And I'm sure I will play the Planet Hollywood tournament at least another two times that weekend.

Remark: Added five new photos to the gallery


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