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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My new Notebook

Due to some upcoming changes I was forced to buy a new notebook. I wasn't happy to do it now as I wanted to take as much of my bankroll to Vegas. But on the other hand it was so great to get rid of the crappy machine I had before. I had several different notebooks im my business life but that one (a Siemens Fujitsu) was the worst of all. I never had so much stall-time, blue screens and other stuff than with that one. Finally the audio card was damaged and I even wasn't able to use it for my DJ stuff anymore.

I would have preferred to buy a Sony Vaio again as I absolutely love those. Unfortunately they are not only good but also expensive. After some time looking for the best offer I found a great piece from Hewlett-Packard. The HP G 5050 I found is a great machine. Not the newest modell but it runs well with Vista Premium Home. The Intel Celeron M 1,86 GHz Prozessor and 1 GB RAM are good enough. And the cristal clear widescreen display is just cool.

Regarding Vista: It looks nice and modern but from the technical perspective there isn't so much new. I can't understand why it took them so long to come up with this. Seems the rumors are true that Vista is just an intermediate release and the really new stuff is coming in the next release.

So I had to re-install all my stuff and copy my data. Of course I ran in several traps like not getting Skype running. It took me hours to find out that I have to use the option "install with admin rights" (although I have admin rights) to get it run. Same with OpenOffice and other programms. I hate this illogical stuff that is complete senseless but wastes so much time.

Therefore I wasn't able to play my planned tournaments yesterday and today. As the machine is now ready I might play one tonight. And tomorrow I have my live tournament in Wiesbaden. And on Sunday I will DJ again with the new machine in our homeplace in Munich.


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