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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Venetian Tournament (PF=14.79)

Very good tournament structure. You get 6,000 chips and 40 minute blind levels. But if you don't get decent cards it's even hard in a tournament like this. They started with 480 players but allowed a lot of alternates till the end of the third level. So the total number of players was 641. What I don't like is their payout schedule as they only pay 40 spots even with that number of players.

In seat one we had a guy that played any two cards and hit a lot of lucky hands. As he was also very loud and constantly talking nobody liked him. Of course variance hit back to him and he was down to about 2,500 chips very soon. At this time I got AK in MP and re-raised his minimum raise to 600 (Blinds 50/100). Five callers (including him) ... ouch! But the flop was great as it came A72. He re-raised all-in for about 2,000 and I went over the top all-in for 6,000 to isolate. Everybody folded except for one (who had me covered). Not like it was planned. But it turned out that this caller had AK, too. The "loud guy" showed 78o for bottom pair. River was an 8 and he sucked out on both of us.

Still enough chips but a major setback as the blinds now went to 100/200. I recovered somewhat to about 5,500 chips but never made it past my original starting stack. Another key hand was 55 in LP which I would have played against a single raiser. But it was raised to 5 times the big blind with one caller in front of me. Too much to call. Behind me another guy went all-in for 10,000. The original raiser folded but the other guy called and both showed AK. They split the pot as none of them improved. And to add insult to injury a 5 hit on the flop :-(

The "loud guy" didn't make it to the break and after the break our table was broken quite soon. Already in level 4 with 100/200 blinds and 25 ante it was time for some movements as my stack was down to 3,700 (mainly just due to paying the blinds). Picked up the antes and blinds once with 77 and finally raised to 600 from the button with TT just to get re-raised to 1,800 by the small blind. He had only slightly more chips than me so I took the opportunity and went all-in for about 4,500 chips (it was just a few minutes before the blinds increased to 200/400 with 25 ante). He called instantly and showed QQ. No help and out around 440th place after three hours.

There was not much I could have done in this tournament. AK and TT were by far the best hands I received. It just wasn't supposed to be.

Tommorrow there will be the Binions tournament. And as it looks like I won't play the WSOP event #49 I will make some plans for smaller tournaments during the weekend. But I still have a great time and try to hang in and play the best game I can play.


Anonymous,  8:56 AM  

Hi Shadow,

why not playing the SOP #49 ? I was and am still very excited.


Shadow 9:03 AM  

Would love to play but to pay a $1,500 entry fee my requirement was to win at least one satellite or cash big in Binions tomorrow (as I didn't do it at the Venetian). So there's still a slim possibilty that I make it ... but I wouldn't bet on it.

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