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Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide - Tournament Edition arrived today

Now that was a good timing. Today I received the Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide: Tournament Edition and it looks like a really interesting book.

I just browsed through it to get a first impression and I saw a lot of good stuff. Several of the Full Tilt Pro's put in chapters and Michael Craig put them in an order to make it a good read. So you have the option to read it as any other book or pick just those chapters that are most interesting for you. I would recommend doing the second. Different people have different styles. So you even might find one pro saying "do this more often" while the other tells you in the next chapter "do it less often". But there's nothing wrong with that. Read their reasoning and decide yourself what fits best to your style of play. As the title says, this book is about "strategy". And in tournament poker there isn't only one single winning strategy.

This might become my most important tournament book together with Harrington I-III and Phil Gordon's Green and Blue Book.

And for those who are interested in games other than Hold'em: about one third of the book covers chapters regarding Omaha and Stud (including Razz).


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