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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Satellite day

Today I planned to play some $125 satellites. As I entered the Amazon-Room the final table with George Danzer was just about to start. Met Jan "Erdnase" Heitman who was watching the table and we had a brief chat.

Unfortunately my first satellite didn't went very well as a guy decided that it was a good idea to call my raise with pocket sixes with 79o. On a 922 flop he bet and I reraised all-in as I put him on AK or AQ. He called and I got no help! The second satellite went a little better. I wasn't the first out but with 5 players left I was second to last in chips. Found JJ in early position and tried to trap with a limp. Small Blind called, Big Blind raised. I re-raised all-in. The small-blind thought for some time and called as did the Big Blind. Unfortunately he showed AA. And to make it more worse the other player showed QJ ... there goes half of my outs.

So I'm looking forward to the Caesar's tournament tonight. Unfortunately it seems that George didn't make it too long at the final table as he was gone when I passed his table on my way out. Remark: I later found out that he made the 9th place and his time at the final table lasted just about half an hour. But reaching the final table is still a great acomplishment .. so congratulations!

In the lobby I got a nice shot of Joe Hachem who was interviewed by the WSOP team. I've put some more pictures in my gallery. Hope you enjoy them.


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