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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just one more night

Now it's time to pack our things. Tomorrow afternoon we will start our vacation. I still have to do some things including another news for IntelliPoker. And I will play a last online tournament (the $22 Deep-Stack at PokerStars).

Due to all the computer stuff I had to do I played only a few of the 12 planned tournaments and I didn't do good so far. Close to the money two times but no cash.
I also played the "Rookie" tournament in Wiesbaden. It was the first regular tournament in Germany about one year ago but I don't like it. The poker room is really small, the drinks are expensive and the structure is crappy. You get 1,500 chips and they start with 25/50 and go to 50/100 and so on in 20 minute levels. I busted somewere in the middle because the big blind decided it could be a good idea to call my all-in with QJ. I had A8 of spades. The flop showed a Jack but also two spades. Unfortunately I didn't hit any of the remaining outs. But this wasn't by far the worst call I've seen that day!

From Wednesday till Sunday we will take part in the Beantown Dance Camp in Boston. As far as I know there will be W-LAN available so I still can follow the WSOP action. And on next Monday we will fly to Vegas. I have no idea if there will be internet access at the Rio hotel rooms but I'm sure I will be able to keep you updated.


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